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Wednesday, April 16

[4/3/2003 3:01:26 PM | ros lynne]
I love Nicki from Hotwater's bit on having fucked up parents :-
"I was listening to Triple J. The peppy female announcer was taking requests and talking on air to the occasional listener. And then there was this:
Announcer: I've got Kelly on the line. She's requesting a song for her sister. Isn't that right, Kelly?
Kelly: Yes.
Announcer: And she's your twin sister, isn't she?
Kelly: That's right.
Announcer: And what's your twin sister's name?
Kelly: Kellie.
Announcer: So you're twins and you're both called Kelly(ie)?
Kelly: Yeah, but I'm Kelly with a 'y' and she's Kellie with an 'i'.
Announcer: What made your parents decide to give you the same name?
Niki: (aloud) Yeah ... tell us. What the fuck were they on?
Kellie: (comes on the line) It's Kellie with an 'i' here. They just both always loved the name, and when we were born they didn't want to call one of us something else.
Announcer: So, are you identical?
Both: Oh no. We're not identical.
Niki: (aloud) What the hell would it matter? It's not like there's any danger of getting the name wrong ...
Announcer: How old are you?
Both: Sixteen."

It just gives you a wonderfully warm feeling regarding your own parents. Although admitedly we are now in a golden age of never before seen good will, I suspect my living on the other side of the world has something to do with this. Personally I have always hated my name but I guess I just need to keep things in perspective. Who cares how many times I need to spell my name to others and the frustration resulting from the increasing use of Indian sub-contractors who sadly it seems have never heard of my "type" of name.

Oh and for my birthday (yes it's today) they are paying off some of my holiday credit card bill. Isn't that nice.

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