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Thursday, April 24

From something to do Thursdays when bored:

1. You've been given the chance to go back to a point in your life and change a single decision you made; you'll lose everything that happened since then, but you'll get to live in the shiny new parallel timeline that develops. Would you? What would you change? And would you want to keep the memory of this timeline, too?
No, I wouldn't change a thing. Even if a decision I've made has been the worst of my life, it can also be seen as challenging. I think that if you are going to nit pick about all this sort of bullshit you are never going to be happy.

2. If you could legally sell your vote in the next Presidential election -- hand someone a signed, blank ballot in exchange for money -- would you do it? And what price would you ask?
No. You just know that people who are buying votes are going to be up to no good. Before you know it we would all be in the gulag.

3. What one object do you own that has the most sentimental value to you?
Photo's. I'm not real attached to anything else which is lucky really seeing as I'm always losing stuff like that.

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