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Thursday, May 29

Annerley - Street?
This was a lovely place but Andy and Camille didn't get on so well and the boys moved out so we did too. The rent was really high after the cheapness of Brook St.
Camille (nice but strange)
the two boys (I've forgotten their names - one curly haired boy - other camped up gay boy)
Andy (now an ex)
Wellington Rd, East Brisbane
This was Andy and my loved up couple pad. The first (and only) time of living "just the two of us". Amazingly enough we didn't kill each other.
Stoke Newington, London
Andy and I stayed at Deb's place (see earlier Brook St entry) when we first got to London. He was not so welcome as they were all separative feminists at the time. Quite amusing for me tho' and great to see the Debster again.
I can't remember anyone really
Crazy French woman (was always coming out with how thick Australians were - the essence of good manners)
her baby (a boy who maddened her by following Andy everywhere - don't think he had seen another guy before)
two others (they were not home often)
Again this was really brief. We lived with this mad english couple who lived in one of the worst areas in London but always left the doors open. Told us they were really broke and then brought a brand new Mac. Kept turning the hot water and heating off. It was our first winter in London or indeed anywhere cold.

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