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Thursday, May 29

Charlotte St, Paddington
I did not live here very long. The people I moved in with at the start of the month were not there 1 month later when I moved out. It was a very fluid house. The back stairs fell down and were replaced, as did the kitchen cabinets. James stopped his medication and had to be hospitalised. The dog just vanished one day. I didn't like to ask about the cat. Everyday brought new surprises. The lounge would be replaced with a totally different one, or there would be 5 fish tanks all of a sudden then the fish tanks would vanish and be replaced with about 50 potted plants. Once I found the toaster hanging from the bottom of the house (but through the building material - I couldn't work out how it had gotten there without being pulled apart and put back together) then the next day it was back in the kitchen. I'll never forget Megan (who had never left America before) commenting that we should get more cockroaches whilst high on acid.
James (Schizophrenic)
Megan (American exchange student)
James sister and her boyfriend
The guy who played in that brisbane band Budd
possibly his friend from the same band
Brook St, South Brisbane
My favourite ever house. I lived here the longest I have ever lived anywhere in my whole life - 4 years! Some of the best times of my life were spent here.
Fiona (who I would do anything for still)
Girl & two guys (will have to ask Fi to remind me - they moved out soon after I moved in)
Kiesten (broke her boyfriends heart by becoming a lesbian after surf camp - was gorgeous)
Melissa (clueless, liked to wear tails)
Jon (dated Jacqi - always took ages in the shower yet never looked clean)
Kate (liked it so much she lived there twice)
Glynn (aka sideshow bob - red dreads big feet - always wore black or dark brown)
Debbie (can do anything)
Karla (we all wondered what she did)
Callum (my ex)
Naomi (started dating Callum)
Mark (recovering from heartbreak)
Theresa (hippy pixie)
Phil (dated Theresa for ages - aka the little french boy)
Shannyn (great chick)
Georgia (had a very crazy relationship with her bf)
Sarskia (went on the run)
Megan (somewhat frightening)
Paul and his boyfriend (smack head thieves)
Tash (looked wierd with her shaved head)
Kylie (on the game)

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