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Thursday, May 29

I will have a new house mate shortly. Sharon is moving to Manchester so Stuart is moving into my room, I'm moving into Jackie's room and Jackie is moving into Sharon's. I also found out yesterday that Glenn is moving back to Australia (it is like rats from a ship I tell you) for good instead of just a holiday. So we will have another new flatmate soon too. I don't know about Stuart. I hope he grows on me.

I have lived with so many people I worry that I will forget who some of them were, so here is the start of a listing which is lets face it almost entirely for my benefit.

Kellet Street, Auchenflower
This was the first place I lived when I moved out of home. I moved out while my parents were travelling around Oz as they didn't want me to go. Sadly Lyle and Tim got arrested a week later after our ladylady (who lived next door) dobbed us in and chucked us all out as well. Shortlived.
Anna (my bestish friend of the time - no longer the case - now presumed living in Melbourne)
Lyle (aka Skeletor - still surprisingly living with Anna)
Chelsea (really good friend of mine for a time - lost touch now - really bad taste in men)
Tim (broke Chelsea's heart)
Water St, Spring Hill
This house used to be an ex brothel and smack house. It was painted pink, had chandeliers, carpet in the bathroom and bars on all the windows. We were harrassed constantly by the police who were looking for a previous tenant. Brisbane being the place that it is we found through Lyle's sister (who went to my old high school with the guys sister) where he was living and why they were after him. Through these methods we found out there had been an armed invasion there accounting for the bars.
Anna (this is where we stopped being friends after I told her I hated Lyle and several of her friends)
Victoria St, Windsor
Paul cured any liking I ever had for Bowie and Sting by playing these two albums (his only two except for a CD single brought in the dying days of my tenancy) for almost the entire period. And I really liked Bowie at the time, I can only now start to hear him again. Our neighbours at the back were memorable for only having purple things in their house, we're talking mops, curtains, spray cans, clothes, you name it. This is where Chelsea made the fateful decision to date Paul (coincidently a different one).
Paul (Tim's best friend in love with both Tim and Chelsea)

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