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Friday, May 30

It is the most fab day ever in London today. I've just come back from a lunchtime sitting in the sun in the shadow of the eye. And wearing just a sleeveless top - unheard of. Am so looking forward to the weekend, just wish I had more money. But then this is nothing new. I'm heading out to Clapham tonight for a night on the tiles with some of my housemates and proxy ones from down the road. It should be pretty good. I also want to catch up with Mel and Simon sometime too. And if the weather holds it will be barbie time too.

Well am starting to realise once again how hopeless my memory is with regards to remebering past flatmates. But will persevere.

Willesden Green
This was the first "aussie" type house I've lived in. It is such a southern hemisphere ghetto in Willesden. A weird kinda house tho. Loads of people living there at one stage - I remember coming back from Spain and there were people camping out the back.
Jimmy (back in Oz now)
Shane (working off Israel)
Karla (nice but full on)
Kate, Caroline and the other one (stuck together - pretty bitchy)
Andy (as before)
Phil (deerhunter)
Toby/Tony - who knows
Mike (cute but clueless)
Dollis Hill
Just up the street from the old house in Willesden. It was a nice place but the girls bitching wore Andy and I down. I think that a night on the absinth didn't help.
Kate, Caroline and the other one (as before)
Andy (as before)
Mike (dossing)
Right next to the common and you could walk to Epping Forest. Alan put up with so much really. We had loads of boozy nights, jumping on the furniture and smashing glasses.
Mel (will see her this weekend)
Alan (landlord - pretty good actually)
Shannon and Kirsty (good friends til a disasterously boozy night)
Brendon (Saffa - still in London)
Pierre (maybe in Italy now)
Andy (ex)
one of Alan's friends just before we moved
Andy and I moved in here cause it was really cheap. The people were nice but I was working three jobs so wasn't home much at all. This was before we went away travelling for a few months and in hardcore saving mode (well me anyhow).
Chris and Caroline (a bit strange but ok)
Paddy (nice, well into snowboarding)
some girl who was never there
someone else (I'm really bad aren't I)

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