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Friday, May 16

My oldest friend that I am still in touch with is leaving London this week. I'm really going to miss her when she goes. She has really been a true friend whilst she has been here. You know when you love someone and would do anything for them, I have felt the recipient of that kind of feeling.

We first met when I moved to Brisbane in grade 3 at Our Ladies of the Angels primary school. I was 6 years old. We didn't become friends straight away but after a while we became kindred spirits. It just snuck up on us a think. It was (this has faded since the intensity of youth) one of those passionate friendships, we did everything together. It is increasingly difficult to remember those times. Sometimes it feels as if she is the link to that part of my past. Everything was so black and white then and days could take forever. After a while Jane's family moved around the corner from my house. For a child having your best friend living just down was like a kind of heaven. Every school morning would see me walking down her street (getting attacked by the dog on the way) so that I could get a lift with her to school. Summer was spent at Grundy'sand the beach. Every Sunday mum would take my sister and I to an amusement park, usually with Jane in tow. It was mum's only day off so it was pretty nice of her and so much fun for us. I could always tell her anything and she me. She was the first person I told about my fake birthdays. I remember I was 11 and had found my real birth certificate amongst my parents things. They were so mad at me. Up until then I had always thought that I was born on 2nd February.

I had a lot of first's with Jane. We smoked our first cigarettes down in Marchant Park. We were in grade 7 and they were methols. I didn't smoke again for years. We ran home and washed our mouths out with dettol to hide our breath. It wasn't much of a change from the methols really.

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