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Monday, June 30

From Monday Mission. Well I don't have a partner at the moment and I'm guessing that after I've answered this mission it will be all too clear why.
When was the last time you said or were told the following, and more importantly, how did it feel to be you at that moment:
1. "It's not you, it's me."
I know that this line is the ultimate but I have never heard it and have never spoken it. Maybe it is not a real guy thing to say. And as if I'm going to be taking all the blame. It's not me, it's you (actually I have said that one).
2. "I love you, but I'm not in love with you."
No, again have not heard this one. And I wouldn't say something like that either. I have thought it though. It felt very sad. You know as if you could feel a kind of tightness in your chest that in later years you would write off to an oncoming heart attack or just hard core smoking, but it is just the feeling of loss before it becomes commonplace.
3. "You just don't get it!"
God who hasn't heard this. And how did I feel "Well D'oh" (actually this was often my response also after saying it to someone else).
4. "Do I look fat..."
Yes I have said this. Usually when I am in a very stable relationship and am feeling very narky. It can usually be relied on to kick off any fight even if you are looking fine. I mean you've had a shit day at work, the house is a mess and your life at that moment seems like it could not get any worse. This is the time when you should bring this up. That said the only people I know on diets at the moment are guys.
5. "I hate you!"
Said and been said. Usually after an all night "am I fat" argument. I think hurtful in the short term but unless you're an orphan who hasn't heard it all before. You would be disappointed frankly if you didn't arouse strong emotions.
6. "If you really loved me..."
You would go to the shop for me and buy me chocolate. Who hasn't used this one. It's great. Must be said in a really whiney voice or alternatively a cutesy one (yuck). I don't think you feel anything special when saying this one but then I was brought up Catholic and guilt is but second nature to me. I mean let's face it - if they didn't love you they wouldn't be hanging around listening to you moan .. at least I wouldn't.
7. "Not tonight..."
Cause I've really gone off you lately. Well that is the crux of the issue. I've said it while just thinking "oh god - how long have we been going out and why" and I have also heard it from the other side. Sometimes you can be just tired but in the early days lets face it you would have had to be dead. This phase can put fear in the heart. Is it the beginning of the end?

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