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Monday, June 9

Monday Mission from the Promo Guy

1. Have you even just totally trashed something you were working on because it wasn't going the way you wanted? What happened? Did you start over again? Was it better?
Yep all the time. Not as often since I stopped studying though I must say.
2. Have you ever contacted an old friend out of the blue over the internet? How did it go? Have any old friends or lovers ever contacted you? Did it flatter you or freak you out?
No never. I wouldn't even know how to find them. And no one has ever tried to contact me either. I guess with all the interconectedness of Brisbane where you can just ask around about what people are up to there is no need. There are loads of people that I have lost touch as shown through my flatmate saga and there are people that I would really like to track down. My ex boyfriend Callum for one. I tried to track him down in Brisbane but not really very seriously. I guess I just thought that I would bump into him. And he might not even be living there now.
3. What is the most important thing that you have ever forgotten? Did it have any negative results? How did it all turn out?
I guess where I was staying. This has happened a few times and not just from moving so much. Usually when I am staying someplace new and it must be said after a few drinks. I usually manage to make it home eventually.
4. Which of the "reality" television programs do you think you would have a chance at winning? Why? Would you ever actually consider signing up for one? Have you?
None to be honest - I just don't think that I have the right type of personality. I can't think of anything worse than going on one either, letting people know all about you when you don't know who they are. It is the price of fame without the reward that goes with it, namely a big paycheck.
5. Do you allow commenting on your blog? Why? Have you ever considered removing/adding that function? What was one of the worst situations you've found yourself in due to blog comments?
No I don't have that but maybe one day when I can be bothered it will appear. I do like that feature. But I must say that I haven't been involved in any disastrous blog commenting scenarios that I'm aware of.
6. Have you found any cool shareware/freeware applications/scripts/tools recently? Yeah? Tell me more!
No I'm really not so good at that side of things.
7. I've mentioned it here before, but one of my favorite terms I've heard a Minster use was when he refereed to a "pet sin." Which is when you live your life right for the most part, but you have this one secret thing, this one bad thing that you do that is wrong for you to do, that you won't give up, even though you know you should (and sometime criticize others for doing). Now I am not asking to know what it is, but do you have a "pet sin?" When did it start? Are you trying to give it up, or are you just reconciled to the fact that you will always have it? Would anyone think less of you if they knew about it?
God, I know that I have a lot of bad habits and have also done a lot of things in the past that people would maybe think were sins. But I'm a huge blabbermouth so usually someone will know somehwhere. And the other things ... well I'm hardly going to put them here.

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