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Thursday, June 5

Well I guess back to the listing of ex-flatmates. Not that it is going particularly well. I thought that my memory would stand up better. Ok so now it is onto Ireland.
Patrick St, Dublin
This one is so much easier. It was a cool apartment even if it was a dark smoky pit from our incessant smoking and dark curtains. I still can't believe that I missed the St Pat's parade when it when past my place. Alcohol - it's accursed stuff.
Micke, Andy and I lived here and Simon came for a while to doss. I felt pretty sorry for Micke as Andy and I broke up not long after moving here. We still shared a room for another month or so tho' until Micke left Ireland. Andy to my knowledge has never given back his bond which I think was pretty mean. If I hadn't been so skint I would have just paid it myself but alas I also left the country soon after in a state of near poverty. Andy and I stayed friends however and I caught up with him at Christmas. Simon is in London and Micke is back in Sweden.
Neasden, London
Ok so I stayed at Dave's place when I got back for a week or so but does that really count. Dave and Aniko were really good to me to let me stay. So then I moved to Neasden to sublet this Aussie's guys room while he when back to Oz and I saved enough for bond. This house had a sign hanging over the door that said "welcome to the mad house", which I think really says it all. We all got kicked out by the neighbours who had had one loud all weekend party too many.
Nicki and her husband (nice but their marriage was rocky at the end)
Demetre (ski instructor - very hot)
his flatmate (forgotten name at present but ditto)
Saffa couple (mad and full on into K)
the guy in the attic (way too many e's)
Anna (very cute)
Brazilian (heaps of fun)
Herbie (dossing)
another dosser
the guy whose room I took over who turned out to have a crush on me!

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