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Tuesday, June 24

Well it seems that it has been a while since I posted. I just haven't been working so much lately which is pretty hard on the finances. I am starting to wonder if I will be stuck in London forever. At this stage all I want is a weekend break - preferably to Spain. OMG I have been in Britain too long.

I have been having fun hanging round and doing not very much. The weather is pretty damn good for over here at the moment and that always raises your spirits so much. We have gotten new housemates and that is all good. They both seem really nice. I thought that Matt might be a bit thick but he borrowed my copy of the Illiad last night which just shows you that you never can tell. Also have a few dossers hanging around the place too. Jac's boyfriend Darrell is staying as well as Mark from the next street down as the landlord is renovating and has kicked them all out for a bit. Mark is going back to Brisbane in a week but Darrell will be here for around 3 weeks I think (he has also brought his cat Punkrock - which is very cute). The other boys have gone to other Clive houses in the area. All the streets go in order - we are I, Darrell etc are in H rah rah rah you get the idea. Wally has gone to G and Ev has gone to Boston for some reason. I think they had some cheap flights yesterday (I remember when I could do that - sigh). Strangely he was meant to be staying on B st so I guess he wanted to go one better. Jac's cousin Shelly stayed for a few days on a stopover from her tour - she flew out yesterday back to Melbourne. Dev's wannabe girlfriend is coming also on Thursday. It is going to be pretty packed.

We are all hoping that this girl will not break Dev's heart as he is so lovely. Jac has a bit of an anti thing going for her cause Dev paid for her flight (he is pretty broke) and she has just come out of rehab. Jac's gotten this impression that just cause you've been a junkie it means you have to be a thief. And well that just isn't true, but she won't listen so we are both hoping that she is extra nice (me to prove Jac's wrong and Jac's so she can be converted). Anyway she is wannabe on Dev's part as they are not actually going out. Dev is so cute about it, he asked me the other day if he should just act cool. But I had to mention that if you've flown a girl over then she is going to know that you like her isn't she. I think the time to play it cool has long gone.

What else? Just the usual sort of thing - going to pubs, having barbies and getting way too drunk.

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