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Monday, July 28

From the Promo Guys Monday Mission:
1. Have you ever had, or known someone who has had, a "Mid-Life Crisis?" What happened? Is there such a thing or is it just an excuse?
Yes. My dad was always having one. But not in a major way. Just the usual pressures of living and needing a bit of a break or in his words "some space". Basically if he and mum felt things were getting a bit on top of them one of them would go to the beach house for a few days to "chill".

2. Have you ever had a dream so vivid, that you woke up with certain emotions towards a person for what happened in your dream, even though they didn't do a thing to deserve it in real life? What did you feel and and what was the dream?
All the time. Once I asked my flatmate (and at the time very good friend) that if she ever had a friend of hers round again she had to tell me so I could leave. Admittedly he was a satanist who performed autopsies for a job at the hospital down the road and I hadn't liked him before but after this dream I never wanted to see him again. And I haven't. But anyway in the dream he was chasing after my friend, her boyfriend, my other flatmate and I and we were trying to get away but were unable. It ended in a fiery death.

3. I think everyone is creative in some way or other. Some people draw, some play music, some write, some cook, some build or sew. How do you express your creativity? Have you ever made money from it?
I am not very creative but I do try to encourage it in my everyday life. It's not a big priority though - having fun and being happy is and if creativity is a part of that, then well and good.

4. Speaking of creativity, I display some of my artwork on my website. It is there for everyone to view, but if I learned it was stolen and used commercially without my permission or being paid, I would be furious. Has anything you created ever been stolen? How did you handle it?
I don't think so and to be honest I wouldn't mind anyway. I don't think that ideas can be owned - can they.

5. I imagine the question above is similar to what the music industry is going through with file sharing. Do you think downloading music via file sharing is "stealing?" Is taking songs without paying for them any different than someone taking your work without your permission?
This is just an example of the record industry doing what they have wanted to do for years. Are they forgetting that you used to be able to copy tapes and records. And is the internet any more dangerous than the radio? I don't think that this is stealing.

6. How do you feel about the RIAA targeting everyone (parents, teenagers, grandparents) who share songs over the Internet with expensive lawsuits? Should they be selective in who they subpoena, or should all who violate copyrights be treated equally? Or are they going too far? Should the music be free?
It is going too far. Turning people into criminals just to oil the wheels of industry but then just the same as everything else which is why they can get away with doing it.

7. On the same thought, what do you think pay-per-song concepts such as iMusic and Will they succeed? Is this the solution? If not, what is?
They will succeed as people want things as soon as they decide on it which is why iMusic is doing so well.

BONUS: Why can't we be ourselves like we were yesterday?

Who were we yesterday, does that person still exist.

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