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Tuesday, July 8

In a follow up to yesterdays story about Qld police, government figures have been adding their comments. "Police Minister Tony McGrady, who has had a number of run-ins with the police union, said officers were probably already shooting at his image."

Also there is an interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald today about Howard.

I am feeling a little grumpy this morning. I went to the pub last night to watch my flatmates band play. Felt a little rough this morning but got up on time and even had time to stop for something to eat on the way to the tube. It usually takes 1/2 hour from the station to work. Today it took 1 and a half hours. Horrible. Packs of people shoved in like cattle. I was in one tunnel for 20 minutes. People fainting everywhere. Strangely upon arriving at work I found this sweet poem which cheered me up no end.

"While you were out, the subway began to feel a bit
like a cattle car: we walked in an orderly fashion; we were packed
in tight silence; we had some idea of where we were going,
but no idea where we would really end up. Still, we were optimistic."

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