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Tuesday, July 15

One of the girls down the road has broken up with her boyfriend. She is pretty heartbroken. When you hear people sobbing down the phone cause they can't stop you know it is pretty bad.

I haven't sobbed like that for ages. Maybe not since I broke up with Andy. I have cried since (but it did take me a while to think of them) but not in the same way. And even with Andy it wasn't the sobs of the truly heartbroken. But then it was not the first time.

Callum broke my heart. He was the first guy that I was "in love with" and the first boy I lived with. I knew that it would end the way it did but sometimes a lack of surprise does not help. I meet him at my good friend of the time, Chelsea's wedding to his bestish friend Paul. It was a very fun wedding. It was a registry occasion with the two of us acting as witnesses. We were all very trashed and there was a food fight with the wedding cake afterwards. Chocolate Mud cake being perhaps a poor choice.

It was a wild and crazy time in my life and Callum was the perfect companion. And best of all his life story was almost as interesting as Fi's.

His dad was an ex-Vietnam Vet but the worst sort - SAS. His mum had died of cancer when he was nine but not before lesbian affairs, divorce and remarriage. His half brothers were taken away after the funeral. He was a boy in a bubble briefly.

He always went to the shop for me. I didn't want to get out of bed when we had to leave once and he carried me to the car. I think these things matter sometimes. I will always remember Vienna World fondly because of him.

We broke up when he made a move on one of my flatmates. I suspected that it might happen. It was the way he had broken up with all his ex's. He didn't thank me for pointing it out. We stayed friends but I don't know where he is now. Last time I heard from him he was living in Alice Springs but coming back to Brisbane. This was a month or two before I left.

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