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Monday, July 21

PromoGuy's Monday Mission 3.29

1. Have you ever been in a situation where you were worried sick about something/someone and your mind played out horrible outcomes? What was the situation and what did your imagination come up with? How did it all turn out?
Yes this has happened a few times. It is usually to do with someone else not calling me rather than me being say stuck somewhere. Sometimes I get a bit scared about my parents health and stuff - your general fear I guess for most kids. Oh I remember once when I was at a Primal Scream concert and one of my friends got carried out and I thought that they might have died and all these things were going through my head (she was taking a lot of drugs at the time) but it turned out she had just been crushed against the barriers and was totally fine after she had a bit of a break.
2. Are there any superstitions that you believe in, or just do out of habit? Do you feel like it makes a difference?
I am pretty bad with this sort of stuff mainly cause I figure that it can't hurt and I do blame a break-up on finding myself at a cross road at midnight when I saw a black cat being chased by a white cat. We should not have gone to the casino after that.
3. What frightens you?
Going mad would have to be my biggest fear. I don't think much else would bother me. Obviously having family and friends dying would be another. Maybe clowns and heights but it not like I can't go to circus performances or stay in highrises.
4. Has there ever been a time where you were too proud to ask for help? What was the situation, and did you ever finally ask?
When I was travelling in Scandinavia last August I ran out of money. I didn't get paid money that I was expecting and as a result was totally broke. I was in Norway and decided that I would try and hitchike my way out but sadly volvo driving norwegians are not very open to picking up hitchers. So I walked all day through the mountains (it was beautiful) then discovered I was going the wrong way (I only had a rough guide to the area) so turned back and walked back sleeping by cow sheds and the like wandering around for the next few days rationing myself on breakfast bars and nuts I had brought with me. Then I realised that I had a credit card and went and got money out of that. God knows why I hadn't thought of that earlier. But then I ran out of money in Helsinki and rang my folks for help.
5. Have you ever had, or do you have In-Laws (or the non-marriage equivalent) that you just don't like or do things that drive you insane? What are some of the things they've done that almost drove you over the edge?
Well I hear stories about my sisters and they sound pretty bad. They only talk to you to get "gossip" that they can spread round to other family members. And then there is the years of bitching from mum and dad on their respective in-laws. Which I don't blame them for at all as my grandfolks are a bit weird.
6. It has been said that you can tell how a man will treat his wife/girlfriend by watching how he treats his mother. Do you think that is true?
No. Everyones different but it is a bit of a bad sign if they don't treat them well.
7. But then, there is the other extreme. Do you know any men that are just a little too close to their mothers? You know the kind, they won't make a decision on their own, can't do their own laundry and so on? How did that relationship work out for you? Any stories to tell?
Fintan was pretty close to his mother but I think that might have been a cultural thing. Lots of Irish boys seemed like that and his mum was really lovely.

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