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Monday, July 28

Today is slowly grinding to an end. The morning passed in a bit of a blur. I had a good weekend tho'. Went to a squat party on Friday night which was pretty fun. Lots of people with dreads and cool as fcuk djs. On Saturday I went out with Mel and this Swiss girl in Fulham (I've forgotten her name now) which I don't usually like but had a fab time dancing around. They played Coward of the County which is one of my favourite songs.

There were low points - our cat Punkrock is now called Punkrock Rocokoko - solely to piss off us Australians after that dreadful football match. And I did try to go shopping, which is something I normally hate doing. So I and millions of other shoppers braved Oxford Street pushing and shoving our way out of prams, taxis and groups of teens. Sadly I didn't find anything I remotely wanted to buy and returned home empty handed. There is not much more frustrating especially when you go out of your way to avoid shopping. I, however need to buy a present and some work shirts as the three I own are starting to suffer.

I don't know - it was just a feel good weekend. My mind is only just starting to get back into gear. Tonight Darrell's band is playing at Putney which should be also heaps of fun.

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