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Tuesday, September 2

Another day at work. It is very corporate in Canary Wharf and so different from the rest of London. All new buildings and high rises. So many women in my building are sporting Louis Vuitton bags I keep expecting to see a stall of some sort in the lobby. I have never seen the attaction of them myself with that horrible logo thing all over them but then I have always had a bit of a thing about hangbags. I just don't like them but scarily as I get older I am starting to think they are not so bad. It is very concerning.

In fact I even went and had a look at one during lunch, but not for me, for my mum for her birthday. I don't know if I can afford it and eat but then I could do with losing a bit of weight.

I finally think that I have gotten used to being surrounded by crowds of people too. I was thinking of this at the Notting Hill Carnival. I have always been someone who really liked a lot of personal space which can be a bit tricky especially if you catch the tube over here. Now I am becoming blase. A full body press doesn't strike me as odd any more. I'm even starting to like having so many people around. Shock horror - am I becoming a Londoner?

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