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Friday, September 19

It has been a sad time for legendary music figures lately. What with Johnny Cash and now Slim Dusty biting the dust.

I grew up listening to Slim Dusty, even though I am not a big fan of country those two, Kenny Rodgers and Hank Williams (and maybe one or two others) are wonderful song writers and performers. When I was a kid I used to live in Rockhampton and Emu Park up north for a while before my family moved down to Brisbane. There were a lot of long drives in my life back then.

My Dad used to love driving then too. For us kids it was less fun. I cultivated a habit that stands me in good stead today of falling asleep almost as soon as I get in a car. Unfortunately its not such a great thing when you are the one driving. Mum was (and still is) not as good behind the wheel as dad. But then I just think that he is an incredible driver.

Anyhow I'm getting off the track here. When we were on these long drives up to Rocky from Brisbane or any number of other places, the only thing that was allowed on the radio was the TAB racing channel. So you can imagine, hours upon hours of horse racing intercut with the occasional song. It was like rain on the desert. I can't hear songs like that now without thinking of those times. Driving through the cane with a packet of minties.

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