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Monday, September 22

Name: Roslynne
Gender: Female

Birthday: April 3, 1974
Piercings/where: Ears (residual holes in nose, belly button and nipples)
Tattoos/where: one on shoulder
Height: 1.57
Weight: 9 stone
Shoe size: 38/39
Hair color: Brown
Length: Longish - past my shoulders

Movie you rented: personally rented - Flirt
Song you listened to: Blink 182
Song that was stuck in your head: Do the Hustle
Song you've downloaded: Blink 182
CD you bought: Best of Slim Dusty
CD you listened to: bootleg Blink 183 cd
Person you've called: Mum
Person that's called you: Reece

you have a bf or gf: No
you wish you could live somewhere else: Yes
you think about suicide: Not really
others find you attractive: sometimes
you want more piercings: No
you want a tattoo: Only the one I have
you drink: yes
you do drugs: yes
you like cleaning: No
you like roller coasters: yes

For or against...
long distance relationships: Against, it would be nice to have the space but seems a bit pointless.
killing people: Against
teenage smoking: Against
doing drugs: For
premarital sex: For

Current favorite...
food: parma ham
song: Trespassers William - Vapour Trail
thing to do: nothing
thing to talk about: my new second job
movies: Trust, The Pillow book, Labyrinth
holiday: New Year
color: brown
scent: rain
animal: dolphin
day of the week: Sunday
feeling: joy
TV show: The Simpsons

This or That:
Black or white? Black
In or out? In
Up or down? It's always up
Sitting or standing? Sitting
Rain or sun? Sun
Winter or summer? Summer
Hot or cold? Hot
Soft or hard? Soft

shampoo do you use: Loreal
perfume do you use: Anais Anais
shoes do you wear: Black shoes with polka dots cut in them
are you scared of: clowns

of boys I have kissed? Don't know
of girls I have kissed? four
of continents I have lived in? Two.
of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? 3

5 things you are wearing:
1. Mooks hoodie
2. track pants
3. undies
4. singlet
5. hair band

5 thoughts in your head:
1. Kev wants to use the computer
2. and I feel like a spliff
3. I'll have to go upstairs tho
4. my nose is itchy
5. has this jumper shunk?

Five things you love:
1. picking flowers and dropping the petals over my head
2. finding money in my pockets when doing the washing
3. jumping on clean sheets
4. hugs and kisses
5. watching the sun set

What do you think of when you hear this:
Annoying: bang
Sad: Blue
Telephone: broken
Sex: lust
Breathing: hard
Girl: friend
Boy: hood
School: time
Beep: beep
Ouch: sore
Love: big
Hate: hard
Crushing: tight
Pockets: hole
Hugs: Yum

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I was born in Australia, an aries with aquarius rising in the year of the wood tiger.
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