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Wednesday, October 29

Ok so the second job has bitten the dust already. It didn't last long. But I want a second job where I don't have to do too much and this one was too much hard work.

I am also thinking of moving but am unsure whether to move now or wait til after my hoiday in April. The commute is killing me at the moment. Well not really but am worried about a possible tube strike which would make it very difficult to get to work. Sigh ... but it seems like such an effort.

No a lot else on in life. Work then home really. Was very good on the weekend and didn't do anything expensive - Yay! I'll book my flight yet, if that pesky Christmas doesn't get in the way. But I haven't even started learning french yet.

I have also, on a more morbid level started thinging about my funeral. I do this all the time actually in the fear that I will drop dead. I still don't know what readings I would like - something from a feminist bible I think.

But I want:
Opening song - Elvis - An American Trilogy
Resession - I'll be missing you - Puff Daddy
Close - My Way - Sinarta

I know, I know - I'm not religious so it is a bit hypocritical I guess to want to have it in a church but it's not as if they are going to let me have say a sky burial unless I'm in Tibet (which seems unlikely). It would keep my family happy and I guess that those 12 years of catholic schooling did do *something*. So much so that I'm getting some rosary beads brought back from Rome for my nephew (got my niece some a while back) and one of those bottles of holy water in the shape of Mary with a crown that screws off. I have very fond memories of my sister and I baptising all our barbie dolls with ours as kids. In fact we had loads of stuff like that, pictures, statues, the whole works.

I have decided I would like to have it at St Vincents in Surfers. This is the last church I went to regularly. Cause we would be down the coast on holidays and sometimes my sister would go with her husbands family. Maybe now my grandma (where all the pictures and statues came from) lives on the coast my folks have turned into church goers but I can't see that happening.

It is weird tho' the whole religion thing. I mean I do call myself roman catholic but I am very down on religion. These two shouldn't mix but I can't help the way I feel. I am grateful I was brought up in catholic schools and within an organised religion because I believe that disillusionment stops young people from being bothered to go and join another religion. Like a cult or something (not that they didn't all start that way). And some of it good - like "love one another" but all the stuff about women is a lot of crock. If there was any justice in the world the Pope would go straight to hell for all his input towards continuing womens oppression.

Oh and my epitaph - "Well done Ros".

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