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Wednesday, October 15

Time really seems to be running away from me lately. This year has just been a real wipe out. I have just done absolutely nothing all year. What have I been doing with my time. Yes yes the answer is being a slacker but still. None of the things I planned (well after March/April anyhow) have happened. And I can still be surprised.

I also have the flu. In fact most people in London seem to have it if my morning tube journey was any indication. The weather has turned and I have even gotten my scarf out. So it is sniffle city. On the plus side have discovered a full on 3 in one liquid thingamabob which is amazing. The downside was that I thought I was going to collapse for the first 15 minutes but after that it was all so good. An important consideration when working long days. And let me tell you it is all so much more interesting. Although I am suspicious of the number of people in the pub with "comedy" voices. At first I thought that they were putting it on and were perhaps together but was sadly mistaken. Still was good for a laugh.

Kev's girlfriend might be getting deported and he hates his job so is a bit of pain to live with at the moment. Not that I'm not being supportive or anything. But it is hard when you have heard it all before. I think it would be easier to listen to if he actually did anything around the house. I would much rather listen to Richard complain about the job he hates and his girlfriend problems (in my opinion she is fairly insane/very high maintenance) as at least he does some stuff round the place even though he is never home. I mean when we had people round to look at the house Kev was the only one to do nothing (except move his stuff) even though I asked him to help point blank 3 times. And he is the messiest person in the house. Richard on the other hand even got me a couple of bottles of coke and a new rubbish bin - even though he had just broken his collar bone!! Just lovely.

I never thought that I would become a house nazi but I don't think I am ... yet.

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