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Tuesday, October 21

Well a lot has happened. Only the other day I was talking about how lovely my flatmate Richard was and now he's gone and moved out. We already have a new flatmate too. So Richard has moved in with his girlfriend Marie. And being the rugby head that he is will still be coming round to watch the matches. It is a bit sad without him in the house, and not just because he took the computer and toaster. So it has been so fast all of us are still in shock. Kev is the only one left of the original flatmates I moved in with all the way back in April.

So now there is Nigel. I do feel sorry for people called Nigel usually but not this time. Nigel seems to have all the other advantages so it only seems fair to have a dodgy name. Nigel is from NZ too so that is a nice swap. He has been travelling for a year (which I am so jealous of) and it sounds like he has had a wicked time. I am sure that he is gay as I've never seen anyone look more like a ski instructor in my life (even my old flatmates who were ski instructors). That said he seems very nice and will no doubt brighten up the place no end.

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