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Monday, October 6

Why is it when you are lying in bed at the end of the day all the most wicked thoughts fly through your head whilst in the daytime you can barely string two words together.

I have had a running day. I woke up at 8:30. Unfortunately this was the time I was meant to be at work. So from the moment I got up this morning it was "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrh". You know the type of day that when you finally get to the bus stop you think "hmmmmmmm" when you notice what you are wearing. And then some selfish bastard threw themselves under a train at London Bridge where both my tube lines connect. And they are still not working. I mean I know they might have been pushed for all I know and if not they were feeling suicidal so I should feel pity rather than anger but still in my eyes - good riddance - if you can't think of others in your last dying breath. I mean and what a way to go. Just drop a toaster in the bath for christs sake if you want to fry yourself silly or better still think things through and die the right way - of a drug overdose.

On the plus side I got to listen to my new (for me anyway) tape that I got from an op shop for the exciting price of 49p. You can't beat that! So it was White Wedding and Dancing with Myself for quite some time. Sadly I forgot my other purchases (Jesus & Mary Chain, Bananarama, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Throwing Muses, some rap tape and everyday is like Sunday single) and you can't listen to the radio underground. I cultivated my sneer but sadly was a little sleepy so it didn't come off as well as it could have.

I had a big shop on the weekend - even though I am meant to be saving. To get around this I spent the majority of my money on underwear and brought a heap of things at an op shop on my way. So I got 3 shirts, 3 pants (although I am unsure about the pair I'm wearing today - are they men's? But they are not long enough? Have I lost weight in the night as they seem very loose for a size 10? It is very confusing.) and two singlety tops as well as the aforementioned tapes. I also brought another top from Next for work. And a parker and t-shirt from H&M. And new underwear. Now I just need to get some more coathangers.

I have also developed the following crushes of late:

Know from - spliff supplier
Hotness factor - Up there, was looking very good yesterday
Pros - cute, tall and free weed what could be better
Cons - has a girlfriend so it's hands off

Know from - works at my bar
Hotness factor - Middling
Pros - convenient, easy to talk to, nice dreads, doesn't seem selfish
Cons - Musician so will drone on about that all the time, work with him, seems very quiet

Know from - work with at day job
Hotness factor - 100%
Pros - best looking person I've ever seen, really sweet, dresses in a real funky way
Cons - not likely to be a lesbian, out of my league

Hanger on at my bar:
Know from - work
Hotness factor - is my "type" ie Scottish and dark
Pros - convenient, likes a drink, seems feckless
Cons - might only like gothy music, works in IT, have forgotten his name already

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