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Tuesday, November 4

From Monday Mission - I know it's Tuesday and I can't help thinking that this might set a trend for the week.
1.What do you think of the church consecrating an openly gay person as Bishop? Should a person's sexual preferences be tied to religious beliefs? How do you think this should be handled? Should gay people in church leadership even be an issue?
I think that it is a step forward. It shouldn't even be an issue. I can't see why people think that this is so wrong. Religion is meant to be about spirituality and this sort of intolerance shows what hypocrites those in power in most major religions are. And encourages people to hate.

2. Have you ever supported an opposing viewpoint with someone just to "push their buttons?" Ever been in a situation where you really didn't care for one side or the other, but just found it fun to watch someone get all worked up in an argument?
Yeah who hasn't. Jane and I are always having debates about everything and anything and sometimes it gets so that I don't even know where she stands on some issues. I used to do this with everyone, although I find that I get less fun out of it these days and can be bothered less and less.

3. If you had to pick one, on which of the "Reality" shows do you think you do well?
Survivor I guess cause at least you would get to go somewhere nice and I like roughing it anyhow. I would hate to be watched all the time tho' - I think that it just weird to want that.

4. Have you, or anyone you know, ever tried any "alternative" healing practices or "all natural" medication? How did it work out?
I have tried loads. Like everything some things work and others don't. Iridology is the most fun. Acupuncture works in the short term and makes you feel really good afterwards. But that whole Naturopathy phobia towards wheat and dairy makes me suspicious - I mean surely not everyone is allergic to these.

5. If you cold write your own prescriptions, what is the first thing you would get?
6. Are you getting a Flu shot this year? Do you ever get them? Have you ever had to endure a round of the full-blown Flu virus?
No I will never get a flu shot. I've had the flu a few times but generally I'm pretty healthy. My dad had a flu shot when he was just married (about the age I am now) and had a bad reaction to it, landing himself in intensive care, giving my mum a heart attack and leaving him with pretty bad asthma which he still has. I too have had a bad reaction to vacines in the past and so I try to stay away from the non-essentials.

7. On television commercials, when men get sick they are portrayed like big whiny babies. Based on your personal experience, do you think this is an accurate depiction?
Some people are big moaners full stop. But not all guys are big babies, just most.

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