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Monday, November 24

last cigarette: last night
last kiss: three weeks ago :(
last cry: during "I am Sam" - oh the shame but was really only a bit of a sniffle
last library book checked out: Junky - William Burroughs
last movie seen in a theatre: Pirates of the Carribean
last book read: Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves- P G Wodehouse
last cuss word uttered: fucking
last beverage drank: coke
last food consumed: toast and jam
last phone call: yesterday to James
last time showered: last week - I usually have baths
last shoes worn: black work shoes
last cd played: 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton (before work this morning)
last item bought: nurofen on the way to work
last soda drank: coke
last thing written: message for co-worker
last key used: z
last word spoken: what
last sleep: last night
last instant message: you have less then 60 seconds talk time remaining
last sexual fantasy: well it did involve me (being unfeasibly tall and skinny) and I remember I had daisies woven in my hair
last ice cream eaten: don't really like ice-cream
last time wanting to die: after a very messy big night but not in a serious way - more - "please let the ground swallow me up"
last lipstick: juicy tube in melon
last time dancing: in Nigels room after the rugby
last show attended: National Gallery - some over-rated display

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I was born in Australia, an aries with aquarius rising in the year of the wood tiger.
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