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Tuesday, November 11

Today has just been one of those days.

It was freezing cold this morning when I got up. We haven't gotten round to resetting the heating after the clocks went back and my radiator is not working properly anyhow. It was so very hard to get out of bed

I put on these really thick tights under my pants to keep warm. But the static electricity made my pants stick to them. When I got off the tube the zip broke. I was running a bit late but popped into a shop to see if they had any pants my length (a drawback of being a munchkin). I managed to fix my pants in the change room and hurried off to work (where my access card didn't work and found out I needed a new photo - how I wish I had gotten round to washing my hair).

And If only I hadn't needed to go to the bathroom. Luckily I was wearing a cardigan. I nipped out to the chemist and brought some safety pins which are holding my pants together with limited success and have embarked on a fairly strict hardly any fluids diet until I get home.

And am trying desperately not to buy anything online - even these really cute shirts for my sisters kids. My dad is teasing my sister at the moment by telling Bridget to ask for a pony (she really wants a dog) and they have this shirt "Daddy buy me a pony" which would just make everyone crack up. Maybe I will suggest to dad to buy that for her for Christmas.

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