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Tuesday, December 23

I don't know whether it is just me but whenever I am like really late in the mornings I just can't help but think that I may as well just have the whole day off. It just seems too hard. Mornings seem to have had it in for me of late.

On Monday due to excessive alcohol consumption the night before and well not going to bed til 3 I didn't wake up til 9. This was a bit of a bummer seeing as I'm meant to get to work at 8.30. You see the dilemma surely. So there was nothing for it but to stay in bed for the remainder of the day.

This morning I fell over a bit of wood Jac's had nicked the other night and placed in front of the house in order to make it "wheel chair friendly"and fell to my knees. It was really at this point that I noticed the wood was covered in some sort of glue made tacky from the (almost torrential) rain. I tell you it is at times like this that people could be tempted to just give up on the idea of leaving the house altogether.

Despite trials such as these I have had a wonderful couple of days.

Saw Return of the King on the weekend - pretty damn good. However am as puzzled as ever by Streatham cinema - please just wash those stairs and why so many. Is there some sort of portal whereby by going up one set of stairs you have to go down 6 flights. It remains a mystery. And justy how many homeless people are sleeping in there.

Devereux came back from South Africa sadly without my biltong but looking as sweet as ever. We are all making him answer the door cause he is so good with the charity hawkers - "are your parents home?" "umm no". Still eats baked beans but seems to have introduced a frightening level of variety to this - caught him eating baked beans, tinned green beans, eggs, chilli, garlic and cheese. All together. Yuck.

We all went for a messy afternoon drinking and pool playing resulting in my "sick" day and last night Daryl's band played at the Half Moon and they were pretty good. This guy was playing some sort of african drum (have forgotten the name of it) in another band and he was soooooo good. I wanna be an African drummer now - well at least today.

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