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Monday, December 15

I think that I am my own chemical weapons plant as my cold drags me further from the healthy end of the scale. I was "meant" to be having a restful weekend to help my body recover but my best intentions were lead astray slightly. But really I was pretty good. Honestly.

I even spent Friday night at home in bed with only Vicks and cough syrup for company. I felt very virtuous I can tell you.

Richard came round on Saturday but seemed subdued. Something seems to be on his mind as he was not the carefree chappy we all know and love. He has just brought a flat with his girlfriend and I suspect that this may have driven on any number of mental crisis's. Certainly it is a big step. Pretty exciting though.

Went to the Walkabout after a brief afternoon kip where plenty of frivolity and fun took place. I KNOW it is a dodgy bar but still it is cheap and local unlike the bar I went to last week that was £5.50 a drink. Had a good time despite a disconcerting desire to pick up which I fought manfully.

Woke up surprisingly early the next day and joined my flatmates for breakfast drinks which slowly progressed from animated card games to drinking games.

Had a fun game of Cloggen Sloggen which basically involves making complex moves with the feet whilst wearing oversized wooden clogs with the aim of dislodging the opposing players clogs. Power hits are recommended however long term play can result in unsightly bruises and frequent injury. It is essential that during game play the words Cloggen Sloggen are yelled repeatedly.

Bridget left us to it at around 12 sickened perhaps by waking to our rousing chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody however by the time she returned at 6 we were flashing the lights and dancing to Nigel's "happy hard house". And I don't even like house.

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