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Monday, December 29

It is snowing! And I didn't even think that it was so cold this morning.

I am back at the hard slog already. Actually to be fair no one is in the office today really and I have very little to do except watch the snow fall and spend way too much time on the internet.

I didn't do too much with my break time. I was a little alarmed at my physical condition so was a pretty good girl. That said I still partied til 5 on Christmas day.

Had a wonderful Christmas. I went to G Road for lunch and what a lunch it was. I don't think I have had too (or any) many better meals than the one served. Just amazing. It was pretty chilled. Then had drinks at mine which was wicked. There was dancing, plenty of bullshit stories and even a fight. Actually the fight wasn't that full on and Jax and I kicked the two boys out without any trouble really. What else - I meet a guy from B Road who lives on the same street as my folks back home (spin out). Oh and George is now growing a moustache - I can't help but feel responsible.

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