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Friday, December 19

Well I admit I stole this from Call Centre Diary not that he was sad enough to write one but I will be as it tweaked my memory and what are hungover Fridays for except wallowing in nostalgia.

“All Time Top 5 Bus Stations you have ever visited.”

1. Vienna World
This is or at least was a truck stop on the Albury/Wodonga border and a popular stop if busing it down to Melbourne. Have been there a few times now and I warn that the food is best avoided. I was in Melbourne for New Years many moons ago and my first real kinda love phoned me from here and left the message "with love from Vienna World" on his way back to Sydney. It was my first inkling that we weren't just screwing and that maybe I was feeling something more than just lust. I was staying in just the biggest dive and was amazed even to receive the message. No, there were no phones in the room - lets put it this way our neighbours had to borrow a fiver so they could get a cab to the hospital after overdosing. So yes - my first real declaration of love was from a bus stop.
2. Hama, Syria
This has quite a cool bus stop. People running round everywhere like mad. Huge contrast between buses. Has two bus stations confusingly. My first experience with Arabic. "Oh No what bus number is that". Had come from Turkey and ended up getting a little mini bus to Krak des Chevaliers a castle we really wanted to check out (well worth it - very cool). Chaotic and exciting.
3.The old McCaffery's/Greyhound bus stop in Surfers
Now closed and moved to the big new one a few days down. My parents moved to the Gold Coast from time to time when we were growing up so it was the bus to Brisbane for school for us then. It always used to seem like it took so long. We used to see people coming out of the clubs across the road while standing there in our school uniforms. I was always so jealous. I eventually got to have my day. Coming out of that same club and jumping on that bus to school but was not as triumphant a journey as I had dreamed all those years being as I was aflicted with a nasty case of alcohol poisoning.
4. London Victoria
Mainly for the feeling engendered when we were struggling with our bags off on an adventure. I remember when we moved to Ireland we had to bus it cause we had so much crap. It was a bit of a struggle getting it on the bus.
5.Stone Town, Zanzibar
Aromatic, crazy and exotic. A wonderful combination and the roads are just terrible. The buses are tiny and open. The Wharfs are just swarming with hawkers. Si Jambo.

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