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Wednesday, January 14

In the last few days I have been doing a little research into my holiday in March. Mainly in order to scare myself into saving some money as I have nothing in the bank. Sadly this has never stopped me before and even reading the Lonely Planet has not deterred me - "trying to get around Mali in the hot season from March to May is strictly for masochists". But don't worry Caitriona I won't be flying Ghana airlines. Well mainly cause I've changed my mind about going to Ghana now (too broke) and may not even make it to Senegal.

I so want to go to Senegal though. There is a train that goes straight from Dakar to Bamako that I would really really want to catch. But the Senegal thing is also cause I've heard that the border is really hard work and plus I can cut into Mauritania through Noma which will be a lot easier. But I've gotten a bit of a train bug going and I've also heard nice things about the city.

But another reason not to go is that I've found a charter company that will fly me to Mali really cheaply. Admittedly flights only depart from France and are fairly vague about departure and arrival times (can vary by as much as 24 hours) and hey I can go without food on the flight I'll just pack my lunch. Oh did I mention it was really cheap.

But then I found a return to Dakar for £277. What to do. If only I had any money at all.

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