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Wednesday, January 7

Obligatory "Best Of 2003" List (stolen shamelessly from Michael Jennings blog)

Countries I visited in 2003
Australia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya and England.
Countries I visited in 2003 that I had not visited before
South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya.
Greatest product I discovered while travelling to one of these countries
Bow, a fiendishly addictive game involving holes and stones/shells.
Greatest product I discovered in a country I had visited before
Tim Tams being stocked at Tesco's.
Total number of countries visisted in my life
33 (Australia, Indonesia, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Luxemboug, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sweden, Norway, Finland, USA, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania).
Number of these countries that no longer exist
Best theatrical production I saw this year
Well I haven't been to the Theatre for ages (since April) and it must of been pretty crap cause I can't remember what it was - *sob* I'm so uncultured.
Movies I most enjoyed in 2003
The return of the King - mainly cause I've seemingly been waiting to see it for like ages.
Most over the top (and very Japanese) movie I saw this year
Just old king ku movies really, didn't see any *new* ones.
Books that I most enjoyed reading in 2003
Maybe The Dig Tree, stuff on Captain Cook (was it just me or did loads of books on him come out last year) and at the moment anything about Wilfred Thesiger.
Musical acts that I would have liked to have seen, and that I could have seen in London in 2003 if I had bought tickets in time, but didn't
Glastonbury - I AM going to be organised this year I swear.
Favourite television program of 2003
Still The Simpsons.
Most stunning place I visited in 2003
Place I visited where I felt most like stout Cortez, when with eagle eyes, he spied the Pacific, and all his men looked at each other, wild with surmise, silent upon a peak in Darien
The Serengetti.
Great bridges I walked over in 2003
Story Bridge - Brisbane, William Jolly Bridge - Brisbane, Chevron bridge - Gold Coast, Tower bridge - London, Zambezi Bridge - Zambia/Zimbabwe.
Great Bridges I travelled over in vehicles in 2003
Victoria Bridge - Brisbane, Gateway Bridge - Brisbane.
Great Bridges I saw, but did not travel over in 2003
Can't remember any.
Great tunnels I travelled through in 2003
The Rotherhithe tunnel, Blackwall tunnel, the maze of tunnels under Marble Arch that I always take the wrong exits on.
Other places I visited in 2003 that are of interest to the hacker tourist
Okavango Delta, Ngorongoro crater and Zanzibar.
Places that are of interest to Jane Austen fans that I visited in 2003
Well she did hang out a bit in London so who knows.
Most upsetting event of the year.
Leaving Australia again and saying goodbye to my family.
Rawest emotional reaction of the year
Upon finding myself in the middle of Africa with no visa, hardly any money, no transport and a corrupt customs offical and thinking "Oh fuck".
Moments in 2003 that most reminded me how Australian I still am
Watching the rugby world cup final in London.
Most time consuming but rewarding activity I took up in 2003.
Being a sloth - it's coming along nicely thanks very much.

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