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Tuesday, February 3

Happy Birthday to me once again!!

Today in the fast fading euphoria of buying my plane tickets to and from the UK I'm looking at internal flights. I'm not sure whether I'll get one or not. It all sounds a bit grim.

According to these people anyhow.

"I noticed duck tape used in place of a screw to hold two internal pieces together"

"A flight of one-and-a-half hours took me three days to complete"

And my fav:
"However, because no-one had visas, we were forced to sit in the baking oven that the plane was rapidly becoming on the tarmac for four hours under the sweltering mid-day sun.

The stench of human effluvia was overwhelming and at least half a dozen passengers subsequently made use of the sick bags which only added to huge unpleasantness of the situation.

After a couple of hours a scuffle broke out between a passenger in first class and one of the crew, which grew to involve about 10 people, and for the remaining two hours the plane was patrolled by armed police until we took off. "

Oh and something you just don't want to hear about somewhere you're going "Bamako, where there is currently a preventative medicine-resistant (including larium) malaria epidemic".

Today I'm starting to feel a bit scared about it all. But then I felt that way last year and it was real cruisey.

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