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Monday, February 2

Well today is my birthday. Kinda. It is my fake "fake" birthday.

Everyone I know is pretty much sick to death of hearing about this but for those not in the know here's the story. My folks moved my birthday forward to February when I was 4 so I could go to school early. They didn't mention this to me as they didn't want me to tell all my little friends. Then when I was 7 or 8 I was got as little confused about what day it was on (and who could blame me) and so from then on we celebrated it the day before my real fake birthday. So today is my fake "fake" birthday and tomorrow is just my "fake" birthday. My real birthday of course is not until April.

When I was 11 I found my birth certificate and realised that there was something amiss. It was then I found out that I wasn't an aquarius at all just rising. It was then I became vaguely interested in astrology. That said I continued to celebrate my birthday on 2nd February til I was 18.

As I keep going on and on about - it still is a special day to me - so there! I know it's not my "real" birthday but it was for a long time. I'm not even doing anything that exciting today. I am even at work (shock horror). Tonight I plan on getting wreaked - but in a good happy birthday way!

As a bit of a pressie I have brought my ticket to Senegal - yeay! And my folks rang yesterday to tell me that they are coming over to visit me - double yeay!

More birthday celebrations coming tomorrow!

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