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Friday, March 5

Could my horoscope get any more depressing:

"Hey, it's almost tax time! If this doesn't sound sexy, you are wrong! Tax time will yield you a huge refund this year, allowing you to buy and do all sorts of sexy things! Sure the refund isn't coming yet, but this is the time to dream about and get all psyched about what's to come. Being excited about this will attract other exciting people. Dream it now because Saturn says by the time you actually get your bucks something will hit the fan that will require you to spend all your money on non-sexy stuff like car repair, roof repair or fixing-the-neighbour's-window-after-you've-accidentally-thrown-a-basketball-through-it repair. "

The scary thing is that at this time of year I am usually looking forward to this! This year I'm not expecting that much back if anything cause I've actually worked for most of the year for a change. Oh and did I mention how all my money this week is going on replacing all the things that were in my bag when I lost it last week. The most annoying thing will be paying twice as much for the SAME god damn phone that I brought about 2 years ago. *sigh*

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