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Thursday, March 18

Well it is one week til I board that plane. I can't wait. It has typically been hectic at work so haven't had time to chill at all. I am starting to get pretty excited.

I've also found all these last minute chores which I must do before I go. All boring of course, ie find someone to sublet my room, pay the phone bill - that sort of thing.

Oh and the most important one - buy loads of books to take with me. That is the most fustrating thing about travelling for me. I have a bit of a fear of not having anything to read when I am travelling and books were really expensive in South and East Africa. I don't expect there to be many books at all in Mali or Mauritania. So I guess I will have to bring my own. I don't know which ones to buy tho'. A good choice is usually a book I've always wanted to read but never gotten past the first few chapters. I took War and Peace one time as I always seemed to put it down after a bit but I was in Norway and had to ration myself out a little cause I was enjoying it so much (not that there weren't books there but it is a bit of a long story involving attempts at hitchhiking the Fjords and sleeping near cow barns).

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