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Wednesday, April 21

Okay so I'm still in Mauritania but am now in Nouadhibou near the border with Morocco.

I spent a little longer in the capital as I met up with some people there and hung out with them for a few days. It is quite a cool town. I have really enjoyed it here a lot and will be a little sad when I leave tomorrow.

The men here wear really beautiful robes and these matching pants but I care less for the robes women wear. The beaches have endless white sand meeting the Atlantic but it is a little too cold for me to swim yet (or maybe I am a bit of a wimp). I have spent some time watching the sunset, over the ocean and last night in the desert. You think that it is so beautiful it has reached it's peak and that the light will now fade but the colours get better and better until the sky is crimson. Today I chased the iron ore train across the sands - it was a lot of fun.

Mauritania seems to be changing quite fast and has more western ways than I thought. It is strange to see the veiled women dancing in the disco's to R&B and hip hop. I got a little stoned and drunk in the bars and nightclubs here - it was pretty damn fun.

I am currently travelling with a German girl and we are getting a lift to the border tomorrow with the head customs guard that we met in town so I am no longer concerned with the stamp problem. From there I will travel with her to Agadir before heading on.

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