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Thursday, May 13

Well I'm back in London and back at work. It is hard to believe that I have already been back for a week. I feel it has been years already.

From Chefchaouen I went to Tangier and met up with an American girl there that I had met in Fes. We shared a room at the Hotel Continental where they filmed some of the Sheltering Sky. It was a lot nicer than some of the places I had stayed before then. We wandered round Tangier in the rain getting lost and discovering hours later we had been just around the corner from what we had been looking for all along. When we were looking for Dean's bar it was across the road from the shop owner we asked but he had never heard of it! Tangier has an exciting energy to it but the men are just a little crazy. Lets put it this way - when crossing the road at night you don't have to worry if a car is coming cause they will stop, get out of the car and chat you up. It is quite funny.

I caught a ferry over to Gibraltar and just got so soaked - it was pelting down. Gibraltar is very British, the streets all look very much like over here but in a Alice in Wonderland way in that the streets are all clean, the people seemingly freshly scrubbed and immigration seems tightly controlled. I was concerned that I had spent way too much time in England cause I got all excited that there was a Topshop (Brit clothing store for the uninitiated).

And from there it was into Malaga from where I had booked my flight back to Tooting. I have not been in Spain for about 4 years and I had forgotten how much I like Spanish people and also tapas. I just ate so much of it though that I might have to wait awhile before getting back into it again. Sadly I have never been keen on Spanish beaches - I just don't see what the fuss is about, maybe it is cause I'm an Aussie and our beaches kick arse. It is the lifestyle that is so good and it helps that the men are very cute too.

London is in the midst of spring now. While I still think it is cold, the flowers are wonderful. Dev, my old flatmate was in town and caught up with him for a few days before he headed back to South Africa with a promise to see me in Australia in January. Went to a 3rd division soccer game! Which I can barely believe. Hung out at the pub and my flatmates had a party on Saturday also.

In an ironic twist I got bitten by a spider the day I got back into London. Now I have just the most massive lump on my neck you have ever seen. It can be seen from a distance but thankfully appears to be going away slightly now.

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