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Wednesday, May 19

What a wonderful day it is here in London. Naturally I'm cooped up inside like a battery hen but have just returned from a quiet lie about in the Canary Wharf quays. And then it is a barbie tonight.

In another sign of encroaching old age I went in search of B&Q (a british DIY shop) last night. It was quite fun actually. Jax convinced me that the address was unnecessary so we wondered round Mitcham for a little bit until we stumbled across it. It was closed by then but at least I know where it is now I guess. Had a visit to the Tooting Bec common with Disco on Monday after work to play on the swings and watch the sunset. I just love this time of year over here, the seemingly never ending dusk and the way it is later and later when the sun sets. The small fields and woods are so peaceful and relaxing to stroll through. On the weekend I went to Battersea park which was a lot of fun. I even played soccer - I have been here too long! After retiring my team got a ring in to play and he was just so good. He thrashed everyone else's arses.

This weekend I'm going on a tube line pub crawl starting at 10.30am! I am a bit concerned by the early starting time and by the fact my fellow eventee's are seasoned veterans of such things. I can see already that my Sunday is not going to involve a lot of activity.

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