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Wednesday, June 23

This week has just flown by. I have been having fun, doing chores and making plans for the future.

England got into the quarter finals in Euro 2004 and had fun watching the match. I've been preparing for Glastonbury by doing washing, buying shorts and sunscreen before realising that I should in fact be looking at wellies. I am getting excited and also a little concerned by the prospect of so long with so many others. Maybe it won't be that muddy. Maybe they'll have dry ice at our concert just like at Paul's concert in Russia. I somehow doubt this and suspect that mud wrestling will feature highly on the agenda.

I have also sat down and worked out a budget for the rest of the year and realised that poverty is my future not just my past.

As a result of this I now realise that I can't leave the country so soon after all. I know I'm driving my travel agent to a breakdown over all my ticket changes so might leave my ticket be for the time being though. So I think I will now leave the end of November and get into Oz in Jan/February. I might fly out of Lima too - but only if it is cheaper. So it was all very sad news.

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