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Wednesday, August 4

So I am back at work and just not enjoying it at all.

In comparison to my long long handover at my last job they have hired me here cause the girl in the job is hopeless. I have had no handover and if I had not worked for this multinational before I would be in trouble as handing over a notebook is not my idea of advising on job requirements. But she is South African. I have never really gotten on with South African women and it looks like I'm not about to start now. *big long sigh* Today is my third day, I just don't think I'm going to last this one out.

My parents visit was wonderful and I cried like a big girl when they left. Went and saw all the touristy sights again and only had one fight. It was like a miracle. They are getting old however and I find that really scary. However did not get along so well with my flatmates during their time in my house. So much so I am thinking of moving.

Yes - the notes have started appearing. Anyone knows that once notes start appearing in a house it is the beginning of the end and that it is best to just move out immediately. I have started looking wistfully at places in Bethnal Green.

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