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Friday, September 17

Do you ever have ideas that are really naff but you just can't help but think about it in a vaguely serious way. I think I am at the start of this today. I am currently (ooh for the last ten minutes at least) desperate to get the following tattoo:

Preferably on my inside forearm. Yes it is a very "Navy" spot to get one. And yes I do like a man in uniform. But hey I think that's why the Nazi's* were as big as they were. They just so look the business.

Or maybe a heart with Mum and Dad. I've just always (not so) secretly wanted one of these. But hey I have one tattoo and if I want to avoid looking like a tattooed lady then I should really draw a line. It is tempting though. Must avoid getting drunk in this frame of mind!

*NB: Not saying that I approve of Nazi's actions in any way (except maybe the kinky sex stuff, mysticism and spawning of the Indiana Jones Trilogy) and would like to point out that I am not an anti-semite which I might like to add I did not really understand as a concept until travelling due to total immersion in Catholicism as a youngster and lack of cool looking guys with curls and hats hanging about in Brissie.

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