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Thursday, September 9

I feel kinda uneasy about Indonesia at the moment in the wake of the latest bombing.

I think it might be the eyebrows that make me think that maybe Howard could snap and create some sort of situation that we can't get out of. But mainly it's cause he's sent Downer in to deal with it. Downer has been the Foreign Affairs minister that I have had the least confidence in. You just feel as an Aussie travelling that you could rot in some foreign jail, a la David Hicks, without your government even raising the issue.

And I'm also checking out my horoscope today in more trivial matters:

Scorpio Midheaven
Your destiny will compel you to explore the unknown and to take many risks. You will excel in those fields where you will have to dive -- into the sea, into the human soul or into the sciences. You have an intrepid and adventurous spirit which will take your investigations to the bottom of the sea, into space, into grottos, volcanos, jungles etc., and though physically you may never be there, your mind will. You are very competitive in your profession and ready to argue with your boss and colleagues, and probably come out on top. You are attracted to the sea shore, lakes and rivers, and will probably make your home near water. You are very particular in your choice of profession and not likely to follow the advice or wishes of your family. Your most powerful professional weapon is your own intuition. You will have accurate hunches concerning what you have to do.

Your career choice could be one of the following professions: doctor, surgeon, endocrinologist, chemist, naval or electronic engineer, pilot, investigator, psychiatrist, detective, explorer, diver, geologist or any other profession which could put you in touch with the unknown.
Neptune in 10th house
You tend to have high aspirations and spiritual goals for your life. You enjoy helping others and are very idealistic. Whatever you achieve in your life will come from your own efforts without the help of your family. You are very sensitive to the feelings of the people around you and could be a very good diplomat. Chemistry and liquids could be related to your job or profession. You could experience great confusion when trying to choose your vocation, and may have some changes in your professional life. You will have to learn to be more decisive and consistent, leaving all your fantasies and doubts behind.
Ruler of 10th house in 5th House
You tend to be cold, not very demonstrative, and inhibited. You are attracted to older people rather than those of your age. In spite of your shyness, you have very deep and loyal feelings. Your creativity could lean toward sciences and inventions. Your principal frustration will be not having the time or necessary ability to develop creative and artistic activities or entertainment. You will have to learn to enjoy pleasures more freely and to express your emotions and talents with all the intensity you have within you. Don't judge the results, simply enjoy what you are doing.

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