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Tuesday, September 7

I had a pretty full on weekend.

It was going pretty well until I had a bit of a breakdown. Yes, what every girl dreads - tears at bedtime. It has been ages since I had a cry and to be honest I view tears as a sign of weakness. Which let's face it if you are unhappy enough to cry this is hardly going to make you feel better. An unhappy combination of ambush by bitchy flatmate in the aftermath of drinking games. And to think I had thought that maybe we were finally starting to get on again. Well she is lucky I didn't throw up on her.

So yes now things are back to normal between us again.

But you know what. It wasn't the normal sniff sniff kind of wousy crying but the huff and puff blow your house down going off type. So I'm stuck in this stage where I'm kinda embarrassed but also the poking finger in the chest "you made me cry" and wanting to just kill them for that. Oh and the rest of them (yes it gets worst we had people round) for being witnesses.

But hey everyone makes mistakes, you just have to admit them (apparently).

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