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Thursday, September 23

Today seems to be concerning news day ... not that everyday is not like that but some mornings maybe I am just more able to cope with it without saying stuff like "the worlds gone mad" before realising that well most people are just horrible to each other. You are more inclined to notice this in London after getting the tube to work I think.

Bush man confirmed as CIA boss which just gives me a real feeling of dread.

7-Foot Crucifix Falls, Kills Woman actually I kinda like this story and it might be an okay way to go out.

Human sacrifice still going on in Mali - well I can't say I'm that surprised about this one. The witch doctors are cruel looking men (well the ones I saw). Life can seem very cheap there. I must admit that the people in Mali were the hardest to get along with. Not that I didn't meet some lovely people there but a lot were quite difficult. Although I must say I admire the Tuareg, but then they are an entirely different culture.

Boy, 11, Charged With Rape of Woman, 76 - how can this child grow up into any sort of decent human being?

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