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Thursday, September 2

Well I have been quite busy today which was I admit an unwelcome surprise. And here I was thinking that my department was the one that work forgot. But have struggled through and it's 4.30 already. Despite this I have had a good day. Who would have thought.

I had a friend take me out for lunch (yeay as still broke til tomorrow) and it was lovely to see her. Especially as her life is such a drama and hatefully it always makes me feel better about my life. And of course I went to football last night so am still feeling virtuous from that. Of course loads of other day to day things have happened too but in a nice way which makes all the difference doesn't it.

I also posted a huge response on theThorn Tree to a query about my trip from Senegal to Timbuktu and you know how when you are thinking about something it brings back all these memories. And of course they get better and better the more in the past the event is, don't they. So I have this little warm feeling in my tummy.

And I started learning Spanish last night!

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