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Thursday, October 7

Today I have been keeping an eye on the cricket, looking at stories of giant apes which is pretty amazing and well last night I heard William Shatner's new version of Common People from his forthcoming album which I found both scary and strangely compelling. I loved the Pulp version so was naturally alarmed when I heard that he was releasing this and it is kinda like a car crash but that said better than expected (ok so this wouldn't be hard).

It is a gorgeous day here in London but bloody cold. I suspect a cold winter is in store and am getting increasingly excited about leaving but kinda sad that it will be for good. I have had a lot of fun here over the years and it is such an exciting city - I know I will find Oz changed too.

You know one thing though that makes me go hmmmmmmmmmmm? When your flatmates buy the EXACT same shampoo as you - I mean how do they know it's any good. Not from me doing any Wella woman impressions around the place I can tell you.

My hormones are also, as ever, playing on my mind. I have been horrified by the development of an inappropriate crush (yes it's not just you Caitriona) at work, which thankfully is subsiding. These things do happen but it is just sooooo much nicer if the person you have a crush on is attractive so I just don't know what was going on there. Also am dissatisfied with my fcnk buddy thing and I'm not just talking about going shopping at French Connection. I have come to the realisation that if I am not already a demanding woman then I wish to become one. But it is hard to know what is a cultural gap and what is just "oh let's just give up" material.

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