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Monday, October 4

You know you have gotten slack when you start wearing things you wore to bed into work. And not even cause you are running so late. It is only when you get into the afternoon that you start to think ... man I stink. And no amount of Clinque Happy is going to fix it (although personally I *hate* Clinque Happy which is why I only wear it to work - damn crap perfume gift givers).

This day is sure to be a long one.

In more pleasant news, though not for my bank account or indeed my savings plan for South America, I took advantage of the fire in my building today to do a little shopping. HMV are once again having a sale or perhaps some sort of continuum of the one that is always seemingly on and managed to find some bargains*.

Both greatest hits sadly and very old school. Yes it is official - I am deathly old and will shortly start only listening to sad old timer stations - OMG I'm already listening to the Classical and Jazz channels!

NWA and PIL.

*NB - I blame my mother for being pathologically unable to walk past a shop which is having a sale.

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