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Monday, November 1

Well the girl I work with got sacked on Friday. It's pretty big. She was given one hours notice. How bad is that. It's not as if we are even down on the traders floor. Pretty shoddy. So now I guess my notice period is not going to be very long at all. I don't know I was just imagining that the next month would be all cruisey with maybe Jax picking up a bit of slack towards the end. This has blown all my do no work til leaving the country plan all out of the water. It sucks.

Other than that no noticeable difference in life. Still getting trashed in dubious bars. Spending most parts of the weekend feeling like death. Still to save any amount of money for South America. Still to make any sort of plans for moving back home (actually I lie - I mailed one of my watches home last Thursday - Woo!).

Something I am sad about today is that I think that another friend has bitten the dust. I know that when this happens you inevitably pick up another but it is still sad - and yes I know I'm so sappy. I haven't heard from them for a while and I guess that this is it. I think that this is the problem with making friends with guys - they tend to be more fickle. And of course you ruin it by sleeping with them.

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