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Saturday, December 25

Merry Christmas

So I´m back from the jungle. It was a good trip, didn´t see a whole lot but was fun to bush bash at least. I got a fever in the jungle so my last day was more sleeping rather than action central. But saw loads of birds and caught pirana for lunch all that sort of stuff. Saw some little crocodiles and had this vision in my head of being a crocodile hunter ha ha. Went looking at night for anaconda´s but didn´t manage to find any just a lille baby boa. Israel my guide was very attentive, a little too attentive if you know what I mean but knew the meaning of the word no even if I did sometimes feel like a Palestinian. He really looked after me when I got sick though which was lovely especially as I am just a big baby about that sort of stuff.

So not a lot else to report. Got an absolutely massive needle full of god only knows what (damn my Spanish) last night and this morning my fever seems to have largely gone which is a relief. I have to go back tonight for another I think. There is some virus sweeping town so a lot of people have gotten it. Am still making my mind up on whether to have a big night tonight or to play it safe a give my body a break.

Maybe I will go to the zoo this afternoon if I can be arsed. Tomorrow it is pricing round for my flight to Lima and maybe the zoo if I don´t get there today. I also want to go to a few other places if I have time and of course the energy.

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